Gordon Ramsay And His Super Jewels!

Gordon Ramsay may be well known as British celebrity chef, but what may not be known to the readers is his passion and love for the wheels. While holding on to his reputation as a culinary genius, he has slowly and steadily built a car collection that most would envy. As the rich and famous would say, there’s no such thing as many cars! Ramsay seems to be taking it to another level by investing hugely in the swankiest of cars. He surely knows how to pick the right vehicles considering his fondness for Ferraris. Continuing his journey as a master-chef, Ramsay swiftly makes the switch from the kitchen to the garage. Very few are able to fathom his ease on the wheels and his continued passion for fast cars.

Buying the Jewel

He’s owned over 15 Ferraris since finding fame as a celebrity chef.But Gordon Ramsay needed to update his collection on Sunday when he picked up the keys to a £1million LA Ferrari in South Kensington before taking the 218mph hypercar for a spin.Gordon, 48, looked pretty pleased with himself after purchasing a car – also owned by Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton – which Top Gear says is to be ‘much respected.’

Saying Hello to the New Arrival

And while the father of four had just bagged a ride with a 6.3-litre V12 engine, an electric motor worthy of a McLaren P1 car and lambo doors, his first trip was to pick up his kids.Gordon is sure to have earned some cool points when he arrived to collect daughter Meg from Netball in a stunning LA Ferrari, straight from the dealership.Showing off the new ride to his 422k Instagram followers, Ramsay at first said: ‘Holy Mackerel it’s Fast…’ before informing fans ‘My first trip was out on the M4 to watch Megs Netball FYI it didn’t take me long to get there…’He concluded: ‘The Electric part even toasts your bread quickly…’

The Passion Continues

His new electric sports car is thought to cost £1million before personalisation and though it is not known the full level of little touches Gordon made, he did brag about having his famous phrase ‘DONE!’ emblazoned on the steering wheel.Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon, whose best friends with David and Victoria Beckham, appeared youthful in black trainers and a navy T-shirt with jeans.

Despite tearing his Achilles tendon two weeks ago and being seen sporting an ankle brace, the athletic television star was looking comfortable in his regular shoes.Sunday was a big-spending day for the star, which also stopped by Claridges in his appropriately flashy vehicle.Gordon even held up onlookers in the street who stopped to snap on their camera phones while the celebrity chef served up satisfied smiles. It appeared to be a treat for himself after Gordon’s previous Ferrari 550 Maranello was gifted to him by wife Tana Ramsay when he achieved the 3 star Michelin award.The blue car was bought from the same HR Owen Ferrari dealership in South Kensington 15 years ago in the year 2000.

What Wealth Can Earn

The LA Ferrari model is just the latest in a string of supercars owned by the TV star, having previously owned 15 Ferrari models, including the 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta.Things appear to be going well for the famous cook, whose wealth was estimated by Forbes to be around $48million.He is due to open the Bread Street Kitchen in Singapore and took his Hell’s Kitchen successfully over to the States in 2005.This year already, he was invited to feed Elton John and his Oscars 2015 after-party guests, which included the likes of Miley Cyrus, Heidi Klum, Mike Myers and Kylie Minogue.Gordon has been happily married to wife Tana since 1996 and they now have a brood of four children; Megan, 16, Matilda, 12, and 14-year-old twins Holly and Jack.

You name a Ferrari model and chances are that Gordon Ramsay owns it. Money can surely buy a lot of things, but what it cannot buy is an inner desire and passion that can differentiate you from the rest. This is what Ramsay stands for and while he goes about his duties as a chef, father, husband, and celebrity, he doesn’t miss taking time out for his first love that is cars!

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